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We have added a new category to the Festival site, called 'Writing Craft'. We would like to collect articles here that will help Festival members to improve their writing.

Articles can be on any topic to do with writing: grammar, finding inspiration, structure and form, dialogue, anything you'd like to pass on to your fellow writers. Articles may be pitched at beginners, developing writers or the more experienced. They can be full-length articles or a few quick tips, even links to your favourite writing-lore sites - whatever you think might be helpful to other writers.

We will moderate the articles and edit them for grammar and readability if we see fit, but if we do edit rest assured we will make sure you're happy with the edited version before it's posted.

There will also be prizes in the Autumn for the most useful and popular articles! So share your favourite writing tips and best advice with us now. Just submit as you would a story, but choose 'Writing Craft' as the category. And be sure to keep an eye open for articles coming your way soon!

We now have 29 stories and 30 reviews in the archive - that's good but we need more!!! Write! Read! Review! And enjoy. :)
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