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A new chapter of our Weiß story, World Curled Dark.

Previous chapters can be found here. Not worksafe.

Chapter 10

Ran budged the door open with his shoulder, stumbling into the kitchen with more bags than he should've been carrying. "Are you certain we need all of this?" he muttered rebelliously, settling the bags onto the counter with a series of unsettling clinks.

"Oh yes." Yohji put a steady hand on Ran's shoulder, frowning when Ran winced, shrugging the over-worked muscle away. "See, we need this," he pulled out a bottle of champagne and set it to one side; "to celebrate..."

"What are we celebrating?" A bright voice called from the next room, and Ran winced.

"Big sale at the shop, Aya-chan!" Yohji called unconvincingly, still smiling a bit too wickedly for Ran's peace of mind.

"Why aren't you in bed?" Ran shot back. "It's a school night, remember!"

He watched as Yohji carried on unloading the bags: bananas, ice-cream, candles, and what on earth-

"Yotan!" He hissed, grabbing Yohji's wrist before he pulled the large plastic box any further into the cold light of the kitchen. "When did you, what-"

"While you were choosing the fruit," said Yohji with an unrepentant grin. "It's a present."

Ran stared at him, speechless.

"Don't you like it?" Yohji's lips were suddenly close, brushing softly against Ran's neck. "I remembered the batteries too. It has six speeds and a pulsate setting."

"But I haven't, we haven't even-"

"What's in the bag?" Aya asked, a little too brightly, coming into the kitchen with Omi following a few steps behind.

Ran let Yohji field the question, losing track of the conversation as he fixed Omi and Aya with one of his best glowers.

"Ice cream," said Yohji smoothly, whisking out a litre of choc-chip and waving it under Aya's nose. "For you."

"You should be in bed," Ran said. "It's a school night."

"It's Friday," she returned quickly, snatching the icecream from Yohji. "And it's only ten o'clock."

Ran stepped back, flustered, and Aya dropped into a chair at the kitchen table with a decidedly smug air about her. "It's Friday?" Ran hissed at Yohji, who shrugged helplessly as Omi joined Aya at the table with two spoons.

"Ken called," said Aya, her voice indistinct around a spoonful of ice cream. "Said he'd be late. And Manx dropped by-"

"She'll be stopping by tomorrow," said Omi, quickly, the big eyes catching Ran's for a meaningful instant, serious. "She wanted to see us together."

"Right," Ran said with a brisk nod.

Yohji's heart sank a little. It was always there, after all. That evening he'd almost, not quite but almost felt normal. Going out with Ran, having dinner and talking about normal things, making out in the back of a normal movie, sneaking home still buzzed with lust and warm feelings he hadn't entertained for so long, and yet.

Always there. The killing and the blood, and he'd done those things with Ran for what felt like half his life.

So easy, these past few days, to pretend it didn't happen, to pretend that the scars and wounds weren't real, that what happened between him and Ran between the sheets was all that really mattered.

"I'm going upstairs," he said, pulling the bottle of scotch out of the carrier bag without even thinking about it. "Hey, Omi, you can take the early shift with Ken, can't you?"

"Yeah, sure, Yohji," Omi said agreeably, eyes following the lanky form up the kitchen stairs. "What's wrong with him?" he asked, of no one in particular, looking to Aya with palpable confusion.

"He was in a good mood earlier," she shrugged, and both looked to Ran.

"I'll go check on him," Ran said slowly, looking from his sister to Omi for approval, hesitating when it appeared easily.

"That's a good idea," Aya enthused, while Omi merely nodded. "He's a lot happier around you, anyway."

"Is he?" Ran sat slowly at the table, staring at Aya, a little lost, a little too close to hopeful.

"Yeah," she smiled, perhaps oblivious to what she implied, perhaps meaning every word of it. Ran swallowed. "He really is, big brother." Aya wrinkled her nose at him. "So go on, then."

Ran pushed himself up, still staring down at her uncertainly. He glanced to the stairs, and his expression cleared. "Don't stay up too late," he reminded them absently, grabbing one of the paper sacks and heading for the stairs.

Yohji was sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes cast down, dangling the bottle between his knees, swinging back and forth. He looked up as Ran approached, eyes big and sad behind the sunglasses.

"Yohji?" Ran hesitated, shivered in a sudden draft that swept down the hallway from the window that didn't shut properly.

"Sorry," Yohji said. "Lost the enthusiasm for playing games, I guess."

Ran's brow wrinkled to a frown; he clutched the bag a little tighter in his hand, hesitating in the doorway.

"You coming in?" Yohji waved the bottle vaguely in his direction.

Ran shrugged, glancing down. "If you want me to," he said softly.

Yohji looked up at him, eyes swimming with familiar hurt, but his expression immediately softened as he took in Ran's uncertainty. Yohji had a shudder of a thought that for all that Ran had changed these past few days, he could change back just as quick. And it was already too late. Yohji wanted this, needed it, couldn't bear the thought that Ran might go back to being Aya and not want...

"Fuck, I'm sorry," he said. "Please. Come here."

Ran let the bag drop to the floor, walked quickly to the bed and he shouldn't do this, shouldn't need like this but settled into Yohji's open arms like coming home. Curled together on the bed, and he felt safe. "What's wrong?" he asked softly. "You were happy earlier, and ... Did I, was it something I..."

The lanky arm around Ran's waist tightened. "Fuck, no. Not you. Just." His lips dusted crimson hair. "Not you."

Ran relaxed into the embrace, let himself relax. "Is it the mission, then?" he asked, voice very low but at the same time strangely certain. Yohji could be so careless, but then so overprotective. Almost two different people. His arms stole around Yohji's side.

"It's different," Yohji said. "All of a sudden. It's all... different."

Ran swallowed, pulled Yohji a little closer. "Because of me?"

"Yes. Because it matters, that we both come back from it. Because I'd rather be sucking you off in a parking lot than going out and... doing what we do."

Ran bit his lip, pressed his face into Yohji's chest near the curve of one collar-bone, breathed carefully through his nose.

A snicker broke free.

Yohji pulled back to get a clear look at Ran's face. "What's so funny?" But he couldn't supress the hint of an answering smile.

"Sometimes you can be so ... romantic," Ran snarked, laughing openly now. "And then sometimes you can be so ... you'd rather be sucking me off in a parking lot?" The last said a bit incredulously, and Ran pulled free just enough to meet Yohji's eyes, glad to see the humor there.

"We can go back right now and I'll show you how much if you like." Yohji's tongue ran swiftly around his lips. He chuckled at the somewhat glazed expression this produced in Ran's eyes, and gave him a little squeeze. "Let me see, an evening committing unspeakable bloody murderers on Kritiker's orders or spending a happy half hour with your cock in my mouth... hmm... tricky..."

"You have a point," Ran said slowly, grinning, more at the lightened tension than at Yohji's attempted humor. He leaned in a little closer. "I wouldn't mind that demonstration, though."

"Does it have to be a parking lot?" Yohji kissed Ran's chin, nibbled at his lower lip. "What about a club? Or the flower shop?"

"Or, you know," Ran panted, breathing around laughter. "Right now, on the bed, could be nice." He slipped a hand beneath the fabric of Yohji's shirt, caught his shoulders and pulled him into a kiss.

Yohji rolled on top of him a little, mouth soft and wet, tongue slipping swiftly between Ran's lips. Fingers catching in his hair. Breathless.

"Right now?" Yohji asked, making short work of Ran's shirt buttons.

"Yes, right now." Ran paused, carded his fingers through Yohji's hair until Yohji looked up at him, saw the gravity in Ran's eyes. Ran smiled. "I'm ready, Yohji. I'm ready."

"You mean..." Yohji's eyes searched Ran's, his heart pounding. "You're ready for... oh. Ran... oh God. You're sure? I don't want to... you don't have to. You could do me, or... oh God. Really?"

Ran shrugged, and looked down, feeling unaccountably shy. "I've been thinking about it. And ..." Looking up through ragged fringe. "I really think I am, Yohji. I want you to take me."

"Oh God." Yohji brushed Ran's hair back from his face, stroked his cheek with a thumb. "I'll be careful. I won't hurt you. I just want... oh God."

"I know," Ran said, smiling a little at Yohji's concern. "You won't hurt me."

"Never," Yohji whispered, promised, kissing Ran again before leaning over to the drawer in the bedside cabinet.

"And you know what you're doing," Ran said, some of the nervousness creeping back and he just wished Yohji were closer. "So this won't, it will be ..."

"Well, it's been a while." Yohji lay some things on the bed: lube and something blue and plastic. "But we'll work it out as we go along, okay?" And then he must have caught the panic in Ran's eyes because he smiled gently and stroked Ran's hair back from his face. "Nothing you don't want, love. I promise."

"Right," Ran blurted, eyes flicking to the blue - dildo, was that a dildo? "So, if I wanted to stop, you would, you ..."

"Any time, love. Any time you like." And Yohji was kissing him, cradling his skull in one broad hand, mouth moving softly and wetly over Ran's, not giving up until Ran let out a moan.

Ran let himself relax, muscle by muscle until he was pliant in Yohji's arms, pliant and ready and not afraid. Whimpered, needy, when Yohji snaked a hand down his spine. Bit his lip and shifted limbs helpfully as Yohji undressed them both.

"Okay, love," Yohji whispered, when they were both naked, still brushing Ran's mouth with his. "You tell me what feels good and what doesn't, ok? Give me a number, one to ten. Starting about..." Yohji smoothed a hand down Ran's leg and hitched it up a little, hooking it over his hip, opening him up. He ran his fingers lightly over the curve of Ran's buttocks. "This?"

Ran squeaked, paused, cleared his throat. "Um, six?"

Yohji's fingers dipped deeper, between Ran's legs, curling around to tickle his balls. "And this?"

"Seven," Ran breathed, glancing up at Yohji with an unconscious grin.

Yohji licked his ear.

A helpless giggle escaped, and Ran blurted, "Three, three!"

Yohji swallowed down his own laughter and snaked his hand between their bodies to take Ran's cock in a loose grip, stroking his thumb over the head. Feeling warm and tingling and thoroughly enjoying himself. "This?"

Ran moaned, long and low. "That's probably a ten," he said, voice breathy and not very strong, eyes fluttering closed.

Yohji smiled to himself and kept stroking as he gently pushed Ran over onto his back and moved to kneel next to him. Shifted Ran's legs apart and, still stroking, licked the fingers of his other hand and reached in to very, very gently touch Ran behind his balls, sliding back until...

"Eight, maybe?" Ran murmured, eyes very wide.

Yohji raised an eyebrow, kept Ran busy by stroking his cock a little more firmly, a little faster, while he slicked his fingers with lube.

"You're so hard," he murmured, an absent observation, catching Ran's eye at the instant he slipped his finger past initial resistance. "That?"

"I don't know." Ran's brows furrowed, as though he were making a difficult decision and he bit his lip as Yohji wriggled his finger just a little. "A five, I guess."

Yohji paused, backed off a little. "Does it hurt?"

"No." Ran paused. "A little strange, maybe." Yohji's fingers slipped easily a touch deeper, and Ran's mouth fell open. "My legs feel funny," he whispered, breathless with a sort of awe.

Yohji chuckled softly. Knowingly. Kissed Ran's mouth gently before pushing his fingers deeper still. "One to ten?"

"I don't know," Ran said, with an epiphanic air. "I don't, the scale isn't working." Breathless, utterly.

"Good. And..." Yohji's fingers wriggled about, as if they were searching for-

Ran yelped, forgot how to count entirely and pressed down against Yohji's hand with a new-found desperation. "There, there!" he panted, fingers clenched on Yohji's shoulder so tightly they would find a bruise there the next night.

Yohji hissed out a breath, his own cock giving a sound throb at Ran's pleasure. He stroked, gently at first, still working to stretch him. Ran's cock spat out a stream of precome; Yohji coated his fingers from the little puddle and raised them to his lips, making sure Ran was watching.

Yohji's tongue swept against his fingers, tasting Ran and Ran moaned. "That is so ..." And pulled himself up with his grip on Yohji's arm to lick the taste of himself from Yohji's mouth. Yohji took the lick to a kiss, deep, soft, tongues tangling, fingers still buried deep inside Ran's body. Almost ready. Almost...

"Now," Ran demanded, the words muttered into Yohji's throat. "I'm ready, I promise, I'm ready."

"Almost," Yohji said, Kneeling up a little, and Ran yelped as something wet and cold was slicked across his skin, worked inside.

Yohji rolled him onto his back, gently eased his thighs back. "It goes like this," he said, softly. "The minute it hurts, the second it hurts, you tell me. Okay?"

"Okay, okay," Ran gasped, moving against Yohji's fingers and feeling quite odd again, it was almost a new level of sensation, the cold slowly warming and Yohji deeper inside him than before and he could feel him in an entirely different way. "Feels fine, feels good, and --" Mind shattered, rough knuckle scraped, scrape, his fingers closing on Yohji's shoulders and Yohji's worried voice. Blinked. "Oh God. Again."

"Better than," Yohji said, "It gets better than that..."

Ran was bereft; Yohji's fingers slid out of him and he lay gasping like a landed fish and then Yohji's mouth was on his; Yohji's hand was over his on his shoulder, anchoring him there, and something was nudging him, something wet and warm and hard and perfect, pushing, stroking, pushing, edging very, very slowly inside of him.

"You could go faster," he murmured into Yohji's mouth, still a bit too cautious to push back against the growing pressure.

"Could," said Yohji, breathing hard. "Not gonna. Too good. Oh God, Ran, that's so good..."

"Well, good, but," And Ran flexed his hips experimentally, hissing. "Yeah, faster. Faster sounds, mm."

"Impatient," Yohji chided gently. He caught Ran's lower lip between his teeth, nipped then soothed with the tip of his tongue.

He stroked a strand of hair back from Ran's cheek and watched his face as he slid all the way, all the way inside him.

Ran wanted to agree, yes, yes he was impatient, they'd both been waiting for this, but having lost the ability to talk he stared into Yohji's eyes like one blinded by the sun, and he was aware that his mouth was open, and his fingers were clutching at Yohji's shoulders, spasming open, then closed and his toes curled his lungs frozen his back arching irresistably and "Oh God" Yohji's cock inside him, bigger than he'd thought, and so unfamiliar that at this moment nothing else existed.

"Steady, love." Yohji's kisses like warm rain, hair tickling his skin, thighs trembling with the tension of waiting, but waiting nonetheless. "Give yourself time to adjust." His voice trembling, too.

"Please" was suddenly all he could say, the word whispered in a thready voice. "Please, Yohji."

"Okay." Still trembling, but moving, at last, moving. "Oh, God, Ran, you feel so good."

Couldn't answer, he was falling apart, he was falling into himself, falling back against the blankets as his limbs suddenly refused to work. Landed with a squeak, and Yohji heavy atop him.

"Oh God, Ran..." Yohji licked his neck, a stripe of wet fire on his skin. "Is it okay, are you okay, are you, oh God, you're so beautiful like that."

"I'm good," he gasped, sounding slightly amazed by the fact. Found purchase on the sweat-slick skin of Yohji's back and pulled him back down, Yohji's cock sliding inside of him with the movement and his eyes were trying to close.

"Look at me, baby." Yohji kissed his eyelids, contrary as ever. "I want to see you..." His voice deep, thick with lust. His shoulders trembled under Ran's fingers.

"I ..." Nothing more would come. Forced his eyes open and Yohji was smiling down at him like something fierce, something wild, and Yohji's cock brushed against something within him, his prostate some sane corner of his mind tabulated, and Ran's back arched, his head snapped back almost too quickly and "Yohji," gasped through a dry throat, his hands slid up to tangle in Yohji's hair, haul him in close enough to kiss.

Yohji made a strangled noise in the back of his throat, or maybe a sob, and kissed him hungrily. Still holding back, or something, as if he was frightened Ran might break.

"Come on," Ran moaned, fingers pulling at Yohji's hair, hips bucking beneath Yohji's though Ran couldn't get leverage to change rhythms. "Please, Yohji."

And then Yohji lost it. With a groan that became a roar he started to fuck, cock swinging smoothly in and out and in again, and out and in, each thrust pumping the air out of Ran's lungs and the thoughts out of his brain and filling him with ache and need.

And later Ran would learn that he'd clawed Yohji's back to ribbons, and that he'd screamed Yohji's name and then passed out, and that Yohji had cleaned them both with a warm wet cloth and snuggled him down into a steadier sleep, but honestly, all that he would remember is this: Yohji over him, and in him, and the overwhelming feeling that somehow this would never end.


Yohji woke to find himself blinking at the winter sun. It streaked through a crack in the blind to paint a brilliant stripe across the bed and land straight in his eyes. He squinted, gave a little moan of complaint, and snuggled into Ran's side, burying his face in the comforting dark of his lover's hair.

"So you're okay, then?" Ran's voice came immediately, as though he'd been laying awake just waiting for Yohji to stir. Yohji swallowed.

"Hey," he said, risking the savage sunlight to pop his head up and check Ran's expression. "You okay?"

Ran blinked. "I asked first."

Yohji couldn't help but smile. He nuzzled Ran's ear and kissed his neck. Somewhere inside he was purring. "Yeah. I'm great. Considering it's some godawful hour of the morning and I haven't had any coffee yet I'm fucking amazing. So. You?" He fixed his gaze on Ran's, searching his eyes for an answer he knew he might not get in words.

Ran smiled, a little shyly. "I'm good."

The grin on Yohji's face grew so broad his jaw ached. "Yeah. You are."

They kissed, soft and lazy and almost immediately a spark of heat between them.

"Hey," Ran pulled away to blurt. "Do you want to do something today?"

"Oh yeah," Yohji purred, tugging him back with one lanky arm around his waist. "I want to fuck you into the middle of next week."

Ran hesitated, squinted his eyes a little in question. "Are we, um, I mean I liked it, but ..."

"Oh God, you're adorable." Yohji ignored the chilly disbelief in Ran's eyes at his assertion and grinned at him. "We're fine. I'm fine. You were incredible. Can we do it again?"

"Yohji!" Ran scooted back a little on the bed, arms crossing over his belly as if in reassurance. "I'm trying to, shit, I'm sore, okay? And I was, I mean ..."

Yohji looked instantly horrified. "Oh, baby, I'm sorry. Shit. Sore, really?" His eyes were huge and green and full of concern. "I meant to go slow, honest, I just... do you want some ice, or-"

Ran tried to maintain the scowl, but a grin tugged irresistably at the coners of his mouth. "It's not that bad," he insisted, grabbing at Yohji's shoulder before he could break for the kitchen freezer. "I just wasn't sure, I mean." He paused, sighed very deliberately, and fixed his eyes on Yohji's. "It's okay that we don't fuck every night, yeah? That's all I was asking."

"Oh, baby, of course!" Yohji flung his arms around a startled Ran in a sudden hug, oofing the breath out of him. "Shit, of course, we don't have to do anything you don't want, ever." He nuzzled into Ran's neck. "We can wait a day. A few days. A month, maybe. And next time I'll be careful, I promise."

Ran bit his lip, but the grin tugged free and he relaxed in Yohji's grip. "Idiot. A month would be too long." And he kissed Yohji's bruised shoulder, carefully, and twined his arms beneath Yohji's to return the hug.

Yohji let out a sigh of relief and held Ran gently, mindful of his injury, nuzzling into Ran's hair. "When you're ready," he whispered. "Not before." And then: "It was amazing, you know."

Ran melted into the touch. "Really?"

"Really," said Yohji, stroking gently, lips whispering into Ran's hair.

Yohji's lips had just met Ran's when there was a door slam and an ear-piercing shriek from the hallway outside, followed by rapid footfalls that could only be Aya's. The rest of them had made moving silently an art form.

"Ra~n!!!" There was giggling, more running. "Save me!"

Ran jerked back so quickly he nearly fell from the bed, face almost comically panicked. "Aya," he whispered harshly, as though Yohji didn't know, tangling himself in the bedsheet as a form of cover.

"Alright," Yohji replied, wanting to laugh but knowing it would end at the pointy end of Ran's katana. "I'll go. Wait here. And, um, put some clothes on, maybe?"

Yohji rolled out of bed and tugged on the jeans he'd been wearing the night before. He mussed his already-mussed hair and crossed to the door. "Hey, what's all the noise about?" He darted a quick look over his shoulder to make sure Ran was out of sight and opened the door a crack. "Aya, what's the matter? Ran didn't get to sleep til late last night, and, by the way, it's an absolutely inhumane hour to be waking up at all."

Ran whispered a quiet "Thank you" that Yohji didn't hear, and scuttled to his far-flung clothing to dress hastily while still covered by the sheet. He could hear Aya's voice in the hall, though not the words, and he stayed low behind the bed until her voice receeded.

"There," said Yohji soothingly, closing the door behind him. "She's going to continue chasing Omi with a hairbrush downstairs. You can slip to your own room and emerge with your reputation intact. Except..." and while Ran struggled with his last sock, Yohji pulled him upright, tugged him close with one hand cupped around his head, and kissed him.

"I ..." Ran sighed, let his forehead drop to Yohji's shoulder and most of the sudden tension left him with a breath. "Thank you," he said clearly.

"No problem." Yohji stroked his hair. "I'll go down, make sure she's occupied so you can shower." He dropped a kiss to the sensitive spot just behind Ran's ear. "I'll even make you breakfast, if you want."

"Sounds good," he said, smile in his voice.

"That's good to hear." Yohji had to stop himself; it was too easy to slide his lips down Ran's neck and then breakfast would be the least of his concerns. Ran deserved better. Ran deserved soup and fresh bread, and the sort of coffee that made the kitchen smell good for days.

With a sigh, Yohji forced himself to step back from Ran and smiled. "God, I love you."

Ran blinked. "I ..." He looked down, something shuttered in his eyes. "I can't, I mean ..." He seemed to stop himself with a resolute breath, then met Yohji's eyes evenly. "Thank you."

Yohji grinned happily and gave a little squeeze to Ran's hand as he dropped it and turned towards the door. "You're welcome. Breakfast in fifteen minutes, okay?"

"Okay," Ran whispered in reply, and watched Yohji leave with an unaccountable, almost silly smile.


Yohji sprawled back in his chair and watched Manx click her heels across the room, noting the shortness of her skirt and the fullness of her breasts with an oddly detatched eye. The only reason he was looking at all was to distract himself from Ran, who was sitting stiffly in all his usual mission-angry glory just across the room. His hair was falling in his eyes but somehow failed to disturb the steely glare he was directing at Manx and the envelope she handed him.

Ran's brows folded ominously, and Yohji felt himself tensing as his lover worked a thumb beneath the envelope's seal.

"That's a beautiful suit, Manx," Yohji murmured, mostly to break the tension. Except she didn't turn away from Ran, and a moment later Ran looked ready to kill and said only "That's Aya's university" in a too-quiet voice.

"Yes," said Manx. "More to the point, Bombay's there too."

"The point being?" Yohji asked with a careless-sounding drawl, moving a little closer to Ran as he spoke.

"Omi's already got us in," said Ran, his eyes swiftly scanning the documents Manx had provided them. "We're both enrolled as grad students." He looked up at Manx, eyes cold and brittle, nothing like the warm, vulnerable Ran who had been in Yohji's bed the night before. This Ran was business-as-usual Abyssinian.

And still Yohji found himself having to adjust his trousers.

"What's this about, Manx? Who's the target?"

"It's a drug dealer. But this isn't an elimination. We're looking for information."

Ran's eyes narrowed.

"I mean it, Abyssinian, no kill. We're looking for someone much higher up the chain."

"So why isn't Omi here," Yohji asked pointedly, offering himself as distraction to Ran's subtle, blank-eyed rage. He could almost feel Ran trembling with it, and wished they were back in that bed, that Manx had never come. "Wouldn't buying be our best bet?"

"I said much higher up the chain," said Manx slowly, as if talking to an imbecile. "And you will be buying. But before you do anything of the sort you need to go undercover, and convincingly undercover at that. That's why we can't use Bombay for this. Omi wouldn't take drugs in a million years, and the dealers we're talking about aren't stupid."

"And Ran would?" Yohji drawled, glaring at Manx over the rims of his Ray Bans.

"Have before," Ran muttered, almost to himself, and Yohji caught Manx's sliver of a triumphant smile. Of course, Yohji thought. It'd be in Ran's files.

"It's always the quiet ones," Manx said, her face nearly straight.

Yohji stared at Ran in astonishment. "For real? I mean, for a mission, or..?"

"That's not important," Manx said impatiently, snatching the mission brief back from Ran and slapping it into Yohji's hands. "You can both do this mission, you're both prepared for this mission, and that's the only thing that matters right now." She glared at both of them for a long, silent moment, then left.

Yohji watched her climb the stairs, heels loud on concrete.

"I wonder what got to her?" Yohji said. He stood up and stretched, walking almost casually over to where Ran sat. He grinned and plonked himself in Ran's lap, winding his arms around Ran's neck.

"Not now, Yohji," Ran muttered, reaching for the mission brief.

Yohji stuck his lower lip out and wiggled a little in Ran's lap, but Ran wasn't relenting. "Oh, I see. You're pissed because Aya's in danger." He didn't get up, but he did move around so they could both see the contents of the envelope.

"Brilliant deduction," Ran said dryly, humor nearly restored with the folder's contents visible.

"Come on," Yohji said, sitting up suddenly. "What do you say we go back upstairs, hm?"

"I said not now." Ran batted irritably at Yohji's hand.

"She'll be alright. Better with us to watch out for her. Come on, Ran." He risked the lightest of kisses to Ran's ear.

Ran melted a little, enough that he didn't take Yohji's head off, and Yohji felt safe to push a little further. "We could grab the last of the mochi, go back to bed ..." he wheedled.

"Yohji," Ran growled, his fingers clenching around the arms of the chair.

"Moocchhiiii," Yohji murmured seductively. "Just til Omi gets back and we have to talk mission. Ken's all settled in the shop, he won't notice." Yohji's tongue darted out to trace the delicate outline of Ran's ear and tease his earring. "Please, baby..."

Ran shivered, a motion that could be traced through his body from contact with Yohji's tongue to his toes, and his eyes slipped shut. "If we have chocolate mochi," he murmured.

"Promise." Yohji brushed his lips across Ran's neck, threaded fingers through silky red hair. "You can have whatever you want, baby. Just name it."

Ran smiled sleepily. "Then I want you."

"Really?" A huge grin spread across Yohji's face. He could hardly believe his luck. To have Ran smiling and wanting in his arms like this when just a few days ago all he could get out of the man was a sullen grunt... "Come on then, upstairs." He helped himself to a lick of Ran's neck. Salty and clean and just a trace of shower gel. "Or I'll strip you right here."

Ran knocked him lightly on the side of the head, more a tap than a blow. "Not funny, Kudoh," Ran growled, but when Yohji looked up he was grinning.

"I would, you know," said Yohji playfully, and suddenly, all of a rush, remembered last night and the parking lot at the restaurant. "And you'd like it."

Ran shivered, shook his head. "Maybe," he granted, slanting a sidelong look toward Yohji's too-smug grin.

"Oh God. Fujimiya Ran, you're going to get me into so much fucking trouble.... And to think..." Yohji paused to kiss Ran's neck, sliding his hand into the gap between Ran's shirt and pants. "... I thought you were going to be the responsible one."

Ran's head fell back onto Yohji's shoulder, his mouth dropping open at the feel of Yohji's hand on his cock, palm rubbing gently at the head. "I could be," he said breathlessly. "But you never liked me responsible."

"I like you all ways," Yohji murmured, clever fingertips making easy work of Ran's zip. "Now, watch that door. Whatever you do don't close your eyes..." And he began to slide slowly down Ran's body, lips slightly parted, tongue ready to swipe at Ran's eager cock.

"Oh, God," Ran said on an exhale, eyelids fluttering closed and he fought to keep them open. "Don't know that I can ..."

"Then you can pay for Omi's therapy if he finds us," Yohji murmured, mostly to himself, and engulfed Ran's cock entirely in his mouth.

"That's not fair!" Ran laughed, arching up into Yohji's mouth. He tangled his hands into Yohji's yellow hair and tugged sharply. "You're not even helping," he murmured.

Yohji let Ran's cock out of his mouth for a second, cradling it in his hand instead, gently rubbing his thumb over the tip. "You want that I should stop?" he said with an infuriatingly sexy grin.

Ran made a frustrated noise, like a choked off growl, and used his grip on Yohji's hair to pull the man closer. "Stop and I'll kill you, Kudoh."

Yohji chuckled and engulfed Ran's cock in his mouth again. Wriggled his tongue around the underside while he dragged his lips slowly up the length of it, kissed the slit and licked away a few drops of precome before plunging down again. His fingers worked their way into the confines of trousers and soft cotton underwear to tease the soft scarlet curls around his balls.

"Yes," Ran hissed, drawing out the final consonant.

Yohji grunted, and sucked, and wriggled his finger further back, ignoring the cramping in his wrist as he found Ran's hole with his fingertip and tickled.

Ran yelped at the contact, pressing back firmly against the tip of Yohji's finger, encouraging its slip inside.

Yohji hummed around Ran's cock and wriggled his finger a little, looking for the magic spot.

"Christ!" Ran yelled, arching up off the couch, the immediate realization and panic on his face almost comical as he stuffed one hand into his mouth and Yohji hummed again to keep himself from laughing. He let a little spit dribble down, working it around with his fingertip, easing the way. Ran was moaning, eyes flicking only rarely to the door as he bit his lower lip and fought the urge to scream.

Yohji backed off so that he held just the head of Ran's cock in his mouth, and lashed the length of it with his tongue. Fucked him with one slick finger, careful of sore skin, responding to rock of Ran's hips, letting him set the pace.

"Fuck my mouth," he murmured, rubbing the tip of his thumb over the slit of Ran's cock in the absence of his tongue. "I can take it."

A pained whine slipped from behind Ran's fist, and his hips flexed irresistibly, the muscles and tendons of stomach and hips standing out in stark relief beneath cream-colored skin, the movement hesitant at first but Yohji hummed approvingly and Ran tightened his hold on Yohji's hair and slid easily into Yohji's throat.

Yohji wrenched down Ran's jeans to bare his arse, kneading muscle and stroking skin, and held himself still for Ran to fuck.

Ran flung out his arm to brace himself against the back of the couch, unwilling to release Yohji's hair and beyond sound now, mouth gaping open to drag in panting breaths and the muscles in his arms strained to hold him down, hold him back because Yohji would let him fuck his mouth, Yohji would just let him go for it but Ran held tight to the back of the couch and slip-slid easy, so easy into Yohji's silken throat, and his head lolled back against the back of the couch and his toes were curling, the feel of the muscles in Yohji's throat sending a curling wave of pleasure through him like heat rising on a shimmer in the summer air, his eyelids fluttering and he was about to come.

Yohji sucked, hard, finger tickling Ran's hole, and Ran shot down his throat, long, hip-wrenching spasms. He pressed his lips firmly together, biting down to stifle a scream.

And it was over, his cock still held safe in Yohji's mouth, his head back against the couch because he couldn't think what to do, just breathe.

He could almost have fallen asleep, but suddenly Yohji was moving, and talking to him - almost shouting - and a fraction later Ran registered the words 'Ken' and 'stairs' and 'get fucking dressed' and panic took over.

It was like time had slowed and Yohji was already dressed and helping him button his pants and had turned innocently away when Ken said, "Hey, what're you guys doing down here? I thought Manx left?"

"We were plotting, Kenken," said Yohji slowly, as if to an idiot, while Ran had to turn away to hide his blush and confusion. "It's a complicated mission. We need to think." He tapped this side of his head. "Not something I'd expect you to understand."

"Bite me, Kudoh," Ken muttered, turning back up the stairs. "Omi cooked, if you can keep it in your pants long enough."

"Fuck you, Hidaka!" Yohji yelled up the stairs. "Like I said," with thick sarcasm, "Manx is gone."

Then he turned to Ran and said with a wide grin: "hungry?"

Ran grinned back nervously. "He didn't, I mean, Ken's just being an ass, right?" His breathing was a little fast, and he felt the grin beginning to falter.

"Isn't he always?" Yohji ran a soothing hand through Ran's hair, pulled him in for a kiss. His tongue grazed over Ran's teeth, fingers cradling his skull and damn if he wasn't still rock hard and wanting to fuck Ran through the floor. "You're serious, aren't you, you don't want them to know." Yohji bit down disappointment at the thought.

Ran bit his lip, an old nervous habit. "It's just ... what would they think? What if Aya ..." He sighed, and looked away. "I just got her back, Yohji."

"It's okay." Yohji tugged Ran into his arms and held him for a moment. "You won't lose her. I promise. Besides, they'd never guess in a million years. I'm having enough trouble believing it myself."

"I find it hard to believe, too," Ran sighed, relaxing. "Thanks."

Yohji ran a thumb over Ran's lower lip, along his jaw. "It's amazing. I mean, this, you, me... just."

"Kudoh Yohji, speechless." Ran narrowed his eyes, secure enough to feel playful. "I'm willing to take that as a compliment."

"Oh yes. Most definitely that. You're happy, aren't you? About us?"

Ran, still smiling, nodded. "Very happy, I think."

"Then that's all that matters. We'll face the rest when we come to it. Okay?"

Ran settled into Yohji's lap, unwilling to move just then. "Okay," he said softly. "Sounds like a plan."
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