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There are 5 new stories in the contest archive. including the challenges, erotica and angst categories, four Weiß Kreuz and one Saiyuki.

The Charity CD is nearly ready for beta-testing. More news on that soon!

Meanwhile, check out those great new stories for the contest. Write! Read! Review!
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I'm very sad to report that some wanker hacked the Scarlet Seduction forum. This means that not only have I had to delete the forum (which we had some spiffy plans for) but that we've exceeded our allocated webspace for the past 7-10 days.

This means Gwen and I haven't received any mail sent to the addresses since Saturday, or thereabouts, including donations for the Charity CD or the Seeing Red contest. If you've sent something and we haven't acknowledged it yet, please send again. We have acknowledged everything we've received so far.

The scarletseduction email addresses are working again now, however. For reference they are:

contact at scarletseduction dot info  - for general queries
seeing_red at scarletseduction dot info  - for contest queries and submissions
scribblemoose at scarletseduction dot info  - that would be me, or
gwendolynflight at scarletseduction dot info  - for gwen

I'm getting very close to the wire now with the Charity CD. It could be that all I can offer folks to distribute at yaoi con is flyers. I appreciate that the CD-burning volunteers need as much time as possible to get CDs ready and you're probably already busy with costumes, packing, robbing banks to pay for all those doujinshi... *sigh*

Bear with me, and we'll do our best. Thank you for your patience, and thank you to the folks who alerted me to the problem!
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My thoughts and prayers once again for New Orleans and the other places struck by the after effects of the hurricane.

If there is anyone who wants to help but has no money to spare, I'm re-opening entries for the Tsunami CD again, just for two weeks (closing 17th September). The proceeds from the CD will go to an International aid organisation (recommendations are welcome) in recognition of the fact that many countries, including the US, have suffered from floods this year, even if the Tsunami was (so far!) the worst.

I'm still hoping to have the CD ready for yaoi con, so you can also save up your pennies now to splurge on a copy at the end of October!

Full details (the dates will be updated tonight!) on Scarlet Seduction.

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