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Following my previous post, we have set up a collection at the Archive of Our Own for stories from the site, which you can find here:

If you wish to transfer your fic there from the old site, you will need an Archive of Our Own account. If you need an invite please drop a comment below. You will have to transfer your fic(s) yourself - unfortunately I can't do that for you if it's to appear with your name as author intact.

I'll leave the collection open for a month to give everyone time to transfer their fics if they wish. After that all posts will be moderated and the archive will be sealed.

Scarlet Seduction will close on 21st January. Thank you for all your support for redheads over the years! This community will remain open for anyone who wants to follow anything we might do in the future.
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The scarlet seduction site and email is now running normally again.
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The whole Scarlet Seduction site appears to be down, including email. I have no idea why!

I'll update once I've sorted it out, or at least once I know what's going on. Apologies, and thank you for your patience.
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I'm very sad to report that some wanker hacked the Scarlet Seduction forum. This means that not only have I had to delete the forum (which we had some spiffy plans for) but that we've exceeded our allocated webspace for the past 7-10 days.

This means Gwen and I haven't received any mail sent to the addresses since Saturday, or thereabouts, including donations for the Charity CD or the Seeing Red contest. If you've sent something and we haven't acknowledged it yet, please send again. We have acknowledged everything we've received so far.

The scarletseduction email addresses are working again now, however. For reference they are:

contact at scarletseduction dot info  - for general queries
seeing_red at scarletseduction dot info  - for contest queries and submissions
scribblemoose at scarletseduction dot info  - that would be me, or
gwendolynflight at scarletseduction dot info  - for gwen

I'm getting very close to the wire now with the Charity CD. It could be that all I can offer folks to distribute at yaoi con is flyers. I appreciate that the CD-burning volunteers need as much time as possible to get CDs ready and you're probably already busy with costumes, packing, robbing banks to pay for all those doujinshi... *sigh*

Bear with me, and we'll do our best. Thank you for your patience, and thank you to the folks who alerted me to the problem!
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I'm having difficulties with the scarlet seduction email addresses at the moment. Our webhosts are resolving the issues (or else!!!) but in the meanwhile please send mail to scarletseduction (at) scribblemoose (dot) co (dot) uk.

If you've sent anything in the past few days and not received a reply, please resend to the above address.

I'll let everyone know when things are back to normal.
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In case any one was wondering, I am still working on the Tsunami-relief CD; it's just taking longer than I'd hoped because work has been so busy. I hope to have it out in time for yaoi-con, at any rate, should any kind souls who are going to yaoi-con be able to take CDs to sell.

Given the delay, and the fact that I know I won't be able to work on it again until August, if anyone has anything they'd like to contribute, I'm happy to receive any more art, AMVs or fiction. Just follow the instructions and send things by 31st July - but that will be the absolutely last deadline. Ever. Definitely!

And yes, aid is still needed.

I'll keep everyone updated the newsgroup and [ profile] sharedseduction. Thanks for the support.

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