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Thanks to the authors who entered our 'Do It Yourself' challenge mini-contest. All three entries were of a very high standard.

We are pleased to announce that the winner is [ profile] blehmeh05 for 'Traffic'. Congratulations!

The challenge remains, even though the mini-contest is over, so it's not too late to respond. We are also almost at a point where we can resume the distribution of prize banners from the previous contest. Please bear with us just a little longer!

More mini-contests will be announced soon. Meanwhile keep reading, writing and reviewing!

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We would like to extend our apologies to those who are still awaiting their prize winning banners for the Seeing Red 2005 contest. It has come to our notice that vote-rigging may have taken place and thus we may have to readjust some placings.

At the present time we believe this only applies to one entry, in a runners-up position. However, to be fair we feel we should scrutinise all the voting logs to be certain that the contest results are fair.

Due to an associated incident we have also had to change the settings of the Festival so that only registered members may leave reviews and ratings.

To say we're pissed off about this is putting it mildly. We beg the patience of our honest winners while we're sorting it out, and will inform the affected parties as soon as we're sure what's happened.

If anyone wants to own up and withdraw their entry, that would make our life a whole lot easier, by the way.


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