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The Seeing Red Festival archive is up and running again, all ready for the uploading and enjoyment of your stories.

Because of the site's downtime and a few personal issues, we've decided to extend the deadline for the Red Nose Day Charity Challenge until the end of May. We've already made over £250 for the charity - now's the time to upload all your new stories and link them to the challenge, and lets see if we can double that by the end of the month!

Finally, to the smut writers out there: if you're running short of inspiration, don't forget it's May, the Merry Month of Masturbation! Give your redheads a bit of solo fun and make some cash for charity at the same time. Everybody wins. ^_^
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Read! Write! Review! - and raise money for charity.

Throughout March the Seeing Red Festival of Fanfiction will be raising money for the UK's Comic Relief charity. The charity holds huge events every other year to support projects in the UK and in Africa.

Wherever you are you can help with this year's fundraising, in three ways:

1) Write one or more stories for entry into the 'Big Red Challenge', to be launched on Red Nose Day itself, Friday 16th March, and post it on the Festival site.

2) Read the stories as they're posted, and post encouraging feedback to spur the authors on to yet more writing.

3) (And this is where the cash comes in) If you enjoy the stories, and you have a little cash to spare, make a donation to Comic Relief. You will be able to do this at any time between Red Nose Day and the end of March, via the Seeing Red page on the Comic Relief web site.

Guidance for Writers

Your story should fit the usual rules of the Seeing Red Festival of Fanfiction. It would be nice if they were lighthearted, or at least had a happy ending. We know that not everyone can write sparkling comedies, but we would prefer to avoid complete angst-fests in the spirit of the day. Give your red-heads a good time. :)

Stories can be any length at all, anything from a 100-word drabble to a fully-fledged epic. They don't have to be brand new, but we do ask that they haven't been posted anywhere before. You are very welcome to post them where you wish after the end of March, however.

You can start writing as soon (or as late!) as you like. On 16th March we will open a special challenge on the Seeing Red Festival site, and you will be able to upload your stories and link them to the challenge, so that visitors can easily find all the Big Red One fics in one go. Although it would be great if we could have as many fics as possible for the day itself, you will be able to continue to upload to the challenge right until the end of March.

What Happens Next?

Start generating ideas for your fic(s), and tell your friends! You might like to ask for sponsorship for the number of words you write, or you could ask friends to offer prompts for which you will write - providing they promise a donation. Or you might just like to keep the stress levels down, open up your notebook and see what happens! Whatever works for you - remember it's not startling quality we're looking for, it's just a bit of fun to raise some money for charity.

Feel free to use any of the images below to help spread the word. (Make sure you save them to your own computer, don't hotlink them here.)  There's also a little nose you can add to your own icons if you prefer. Watch this space for further info, or if you have any questions, please drop us a comment here and we'll do our best to answer them.

Read! Write! Review! And Have Fun. ^_^

Comic Relief, registered with the Charity Commission no. 326568.


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